The conference - jAuti 2017
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The Conference

The SocialiTV group of the Research Centre Digimedia in the University of Aveiro with the special participation of the Network on Applications and Usability of Interactive Digital Television (RedAUTI) invites you to the 6th Iberoamerican Conference on Applications and Usability of Interactive TV (jAUTI’2017). This edition, in partnership with the UltraTV and +TV4E projects, will be hosted by the Department of Communication and Art at the University of Aveiro from the 12th to 13th of October, 2017 in Aveiro, Portugal.

Conference Venue

The conference aims to gather researchers from universities and the industry all around the world, to share their works in the digital television, interactive television and online video fields.
The main thematic issues, but not limited to these, are:


  • technologies, services and applications for interactive digital TV
  • smart TV applications
  • OTT and IPTV services
  • media and distribution
  • environments and interaction techniques
  • crossmedia and transmedia content
  • new video formats
  • user interfaces and interaction in the TV ecosystem
  • multisensory interaction
  • second screen applications
  • online video
  • TV related media studies
  • usability and UX evaluations
  • recommendation systems
  • smart TV ecosystems




09:00  Reception and Registration



Representatives of the University of Aveiro, DigiMedia Research Unit and RedAUTI




Los dispositivos móviles, un complemento
para la televisión. Caso prácticos.

Angel García Crespo

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

_ 11: 30 COFFEE and DEMOS

12:00   PAPER SESSION | DTV Accessibility

Chair: Telmo Silva


OpenSigns: An Open Platform for Machine Translation of Spoken Languages into Sign LanguagesRostand Costa, Tiago Maritan, Renan Soares, Vinícius Veríssimo, Suanny Vieira, Alexandre Santos, Manuella Aschoff, Guido Lemos


Multisensory Devices: Lessons Learned from Experiences with Cerebral Palsy Towards its Use in TV Contexts | Eliza Oliveira, Tatiana Tavares, Margarida Almeida, Jorge Abreu


Involving visually impaired viewers in the design of accessible solutions for audiovisual translation | Rita Oliveira, Jorge Ferraz de Abreu, Margarida Almeida

_ 13: 00 LUNCH (UA Snack Restaurant)

14:30   PAPER SESSION | DTV Services and User Interface Design

Chair: Pedro Almeida


Designing a video library for senior users of iTV | Martinho Mota , Hilma Caravau, Telmo Silva


Expert evaluation of a user interface for the unification of TV contents | Pedro Almeida, Jorge Abreu, Eliza Oliveira, Ana Velhinho 


La Televisión Digital Argentina a dos años del apagón. Retrocesos e incertidumbres | Néstor Daniel González


TV Concierge: A Proposal for an Interactive TV Recommendation System Based on Viewing Context |  Bernardo Cardoso , Jorge Ferraz de Abreu

_ 16: 00 COFFEE and DEMOS

16:30   PAPER SESSION | Audiences and Content

Chair: Jorge Ferraz de Abreu


The Development of Media Affordances in the Audiovisual Design Valdecir Becker, Daniel GambaroThais Saraiva Ramos, Rafael Moura Toscano


Television consumption in the extreme points of Brazil: a macro-social overview of the scenarios under study Fernanda Chocron Miranda


El futuro de la TV IPTV integrada con la Inteligencia Artificial en la Gestión Socio-Sanitaria Integrada. “Disease Management”  Javier Cabo Salvador, Carlos de Castro Lozano, Verónica Cabo Muiños, Javier Ramos Lopez, Miguel Lopez Coronado


Building informative audio-visual content automatically: a process to define the key aspects Telmo Silva, Liliana Reis, Carlos Hernández , Hilma Caravau


El Rol de la Interactividad Hoy en Brasil Cosette Castro





10:00   PAPER SESSION | Content and Technology

Chair: Angel Crespo


An end-to-end toolset for the creation and delivery of video-based multi-device content | Isaac Fraile, Juan Antonio Nuñez, Szymon Malewski, Xavier Artigas, Sergi Fernandez, Joan Llobera


360º Hypervideo: an interactive documentary around the refugee crisis in Greece Antoni Oliver, Javier Del Molino, Manuel Elviro Vidal, Toni Bibiloni


Towards a TV interaction model to elicit user preferences on a recommender system of informative videos | David Campelo, Telmo Silva, Jorge Ferraz de Abreu

_ 11: 00 COFFEE and DEMOS



Como será a TV do futuro

Tiago Silva Lopes



12:30   R2D and RedAUTI MEETING 


The Future of Television and discussion of research ideas

Chairs: Jorge Ferraz de Abreu | Pedro Almeida | Telmo Silva

_ 13: 00 LUNCH (UA Snack Restaurant)

14:30   PAPER SESSION | Interfaces and Devices

Chair: Néstor Daniel


Application for older adults to ask for help from volunteers through television: design and evaluation of a high visual-fidelity prototype |Tânia Ribeiro, Rita Santos, João Moura, Ana Isabel Martins, Hilma Caravau


Six Cube: a tangible interface for enhancing TV accessibility |Ana Patrícia Oliveira, Mário Vairinhos, Óscar Mealha


Evaluation of the Performance and Benefits of a Ginga-NCL-Based Interactive Content Decoder on a Raspberry PI |Karla Espinel, Darwin Alulema, Derlin Morocho, Alexander Ibarra


Interactive television UI: Industry trends and disruptive design approaches | Jorge Ferraz de Abreu, Pedro Almeida, Enrickson Varsori, Silvia Fernandes




16:15   BOAT TOUR (Moliceiros)